Industrial Heaters

Gas Industrial Heaters

Industrial heating can be a challenge, especially when it comes to using the best gas industrial heaters. It is therefore important to select these heaters with great care. At the very least, it is important to choose only those gas industrial heaters that are manufactured by companies that have many decades of experience in manufacturing gas fired infrared industrial heating solutions.

Industrial heaters – performance and quality

It is also important to check that the performance and quality of the gas industrial heaters are of a very high standard. Only companies that have been manufacturing such heaters for many decades will be able to provide suitable solutions. It pays to check that the manufacturer has long years of experience in the industrial heating industry and they should also enjoy a reputation for providing the best gas industrial heaters. These heaters, besides being of very high quality, must also be easy to install and they should be affordable as well.


Space-Ray is a company which is primarily an American company but it also has a base in the United Kingdom as well. All its gas industrial heaters are made under strict ISO 9001 quality assurance standards. Furthermore, the company has more than five decades of experience in manufacturing gas industrial heaters. These heaters make use of gas and infrared technologies and the quality as well as performance of the company is absolutely outstanding.

Spin-off benefits

By choosing gas industrial heaters, you also get a number of spin-off benefits like reduction in heating costs. You could even save as much as seventy percent of your heating costs by installing gas industrial heaters. These heaters are an excellent (and a preferred) alternative to forced air heaters. More and more companies and consulting engineers as well as contractors are recommending gas industrial heaters ahead of forced air heating solutions.

It is well known that heat can be transmitted either through radiation, convection or conduction. It all depends on the kind of application for which an industrial heater is required. The power source can also be different and in this regard you can pick from gas and electricity. Even so, conduction and radiation offer the most effective ways of transmitting heat.

Propane gas can provide many benefits and even though there will be a few additional costs of running such gas industrial heaters, the end result is that these heaters are very efficient and economical as well. This gas burns more completely and will not leave behind any oily residue as is the case when using paraffin heaters. In addition, when using propane driven gas industrial heaters, there will not be any odour, barring for a few seconds when the heater starts up. These gas industrial heaters also run more quietly as they do not need to make use of compressors to drive the gas to a burner.

Before buying your gas industrial heaters, be sure to check that it is resilient and is able to control temperature as well as has controls that help you in regulating the power with which it blows.

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