Industrial Heaters

Industrial Heaters

There are several good reasons to use industrial heaters which in turn are available in different configurations and types. It is possible to choose from infrared varieties, ceramic infrared and even cartridge & coil varieties. Each of these products is designed to conform to internationally accepted quality standards and so is also able to provide the maximum amount of heat energy.

Industrial heaters - benefits

It is important to take a look at the benefits of each different kind of industrial heaters which can be used for a number of applications including in plastic injection molding, packing machines, heat treatment furnaces as well as powder metallurgy.

Infrared heaters

Modern infrared industrial heaters are now much improved on account of better technologies as well as excellence in engineering. The infrared heat produced will be directly sent as electromagnetic rays and at velocities of about 300,000 kilometers per second which is almost the same as the speed of light. This means that using industrial heaters means that the heat will be transmitted at the fastest possible speeds and in addition will be very useful for certain applications.

Vacuum technology

Infrared industrial heaters are very useful when used in vacuum technology which requires specialized heating and in addition these heaters are also perfectly suited for use with clean room applications. The best part is that industrial heaters of the infrared type provide very economical heating solutions and these heaters are in fact much cheaper to operate than most other forms of heat producing devices.

Ceramic infrared industrial heaters are also very useful and these heaters provide a lightweight solution and they are also very compact in size. These industrial heaters are designed to conform to the best internationally accepted quality standards and can produce vey high amount of heat. These industrial heaters are built with firm heating coils and the heaters are perfectly suitable for thermo-forming machines as well as for shrink packaging uses.

Immersion industrial heaters

Immersion industrial heaters are manufactured from tubular elements. These heaters are used in different ways and have various capacities but the main capacities range from one kilowatt to four and a half kilowatts. These industrial heaters can be used for different heating requirements though the most common applications are air conditioning, pharmaceutical industry, chemical, textile as well as nuclear industries.

Tubular industrial heaters

Tubular industrial heaters are used for those applications in which there is some amount of contact with liquids as well as air. Such industrial heaters are manufactured through the insulation of magnesium powder in tubular heating elements and this will then be compacted further to reduce the diameter of the element. These industrial heaters are available in different shapes as well as sized and can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Finally, when checking out industrial heaters you should also take a look at VLE Fan heaters which are essentially a type of industrial heaters that are used to heat large sized rooms. The heating is done with the help of hot air. Such kinds of industrial heaters offer benefits such as space saving, quieter operation and greater economy.

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