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Industrial Heaters FAQ

Consulting the industrial heaters FAQ pages of an industrial heater manufacturer’s website can help you understand more about the products being offered by the manufacturer. In addition, the industrial heaters FAQ pages will also shed light on some interesting aspects of using industrial heaters. One of the questions that need to be answered relates to things like the meaning of BS EN60309 plugs and sockets.

Industrial heaters – BS EN60309

The answer to this question is given in the industrial heaters FAQ pages and goes like this: BS EN60309 is internationally recognized standard for various industrial sockets and plugs. Furthermore, these sockets and plugs have certain color codes that indicate the voltage. For example, a yellow colour code means that the heater is used for portable equipment while the blue colour code refers to 200 to 250 volts and red means 380 to 415 volts.


3 Phase BX portable heaters

Another question that needs to be answered is that of whether it is also possible to use 3 phase BX portable industrial heaters with just five pins or whether these can also be used with four pins. The answer is given in the manufacturer’s industrial heaters FAQ page and suggests that you can order 4 pin industrial heaters but only for certain models.

American supply

Some customers are also interested in learning whether a British industrial heater can also be used on American sixty Hz supply. The answer is given in the industrial heaters FAQ pages and is negative as most British industrial heaters only work on European fifty Hz supplies.

If you are planning on using portable industrial heaters, you will more than likely want to know whether the portable industrial heater can be used in the outdoors. Again, the answer to this question will be provided in the industrial heaters FAQ pages. The good news is that mostly, it is possible to use portable industrial heaters in the outdoor but at the same time it is necessary to understand that these industrial heaters must be protected from rain.

At the same time, the industrial heaters FAQ page will also caution users about using their portable industrial heater s in the outdoors and in large open areas. This is because fan heaters are not suited for heating up open spaces and so the correct course of action in this case would be to go out and buy portable radiant heaters.

If you are having problems with your industrial heater, then you will want to know the reason why your industrial heater is not working. The answer to common problems with industrial heaters is usually provided in the industrial heaters FAQ pages. You will be instructed to use the thermostat to see why the industrial heater is not heating up the area as it should. If an overheat trip is operating, then the heater needs to be inspected by a good engineer who is qualified to inspect the heater. Usually the cause of the overheat trip working is a blocked inlet or outlet or because dust has built up inside the heater.

Reading up the industrial heater FAQ pages can help you find some very useful information and you will also find that many of your doubts are going to be cleared up in the FAQ pages.

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