Industrial Heaters

Industrial Heaters For Sale

It is important to look for industrial heaters for sale from an established company. A company with long years of experience will know how to supply industrial heaters for sale for all kinds of purposes including for small requirements as well as for large industrial requirements. It is however important to understand that when looking for industrial heaters for sale that you buy a heater that is energy efficient and which is suitable for your primary requirements.

Industrial heaters – valuable experience

A company that has plenty of valuable experience in all kinds of industrial heating applications will be more suitable. They will not only have the right industrial heaters for sale but will have professionals on their staff that can help you select the best options. They will also take care of the installation as well as maintenance needs of your industrial heaters for sale.

Range of products

There are a wide range of products to choose from. From floor standing to roof mounted to suspended industrial heaters, there is much to choose from. In addition, there are also complete heating systems that include radiant heating as well as warm air heating systems that are worth checking out. When checking out companies that offer industrial heaters for sale, you should check that the company operates on a nationwide basis which means that no matter where in the UK you are located, the company should be able to offer you a suitable industrial heater to suit your needs.

Companies that employ fully qualified engineers who know all about OFTEC standards and Gas Safe standards will be better equipped to offer safe and higher quality industrial heaters for sale.

15KW industrial heaters

If you are looking for companies that can offer industrial heaters for sale for heating small to medium sized industrial areas, you will do well to choose a 15KW industrial heater. Such a heater is robust and has tough construction and its encapsulated stainless steel elements add more efficiency. These heaters are able to produce variable amount of heat that will not exceed 15KW output and there is an adjustable thermostat to control the temperatures.

It is important to understand that such industrial space heaters do not work in the same way as do normal fan and spot heaters. These heaters have high volume fans that push the warmed out air out and not the hot air. This will help to heat the space in a more even manner. In addition, such industrial heaters do not have a high temperature hot spot in any place in front of the industrial heater which means that when using them, there is going to be much lower risk of fire.

Such industrial heaters for sale are a perfect solution for those who wish to heat industrial spaces in an economical and safe manner. Such industrial heaters will not have any hot spots and so are good for industrial heating needs. However, such heaters cannot be plugged into a three-pin wall socket; instead, they need to be installed by specially qualified electricians and require three-phase four hundred volt power supply.

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