Industrial Heaters

Industrial Heaters Gas

High efficiency suspended industrial heaters gas can prove to be a good option for many users. These industrial heaters gas products have completely automatic spark ignition systems which mean that there is no pilot light. In addition, these industrial heaters gas have fan assisted flue systems that make these products very efficient and useful for use in areas that are essentially dirty or dusty and they are also perfect solutions for heating buildings that have negative pressure.

Industrial heaters – modulate on the burner

These industrial heaters gas can also modulate on the burner and the supply fan between hundred percent to sixty percent so that the heat produced will warm up the location with maximum efficiency and in doing so will reduce fuel costs by as much as thirty percent. These industrial heaters gas also run on either propane or natural gas and offer higher thermal efficiencies as well as have heater range that will qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance.

High capacity axial fans

Other than these factors, these industrial heaters gas also have high capacity axial fans that help in minimizing heat stratification. Also, they have robust tubular heat exchanger which is backed by a ten year warranty.

Different kinds to choose from

There are several kinds of industrial heaters gas products to choose from. The high efficiency suspended gas fired warm air heaters have certain desirable features. However, besides these industrial heaters gas products, you can also go in for other types including the floor standing gas heaters.

These industrial heaters gas have certain key features including use of natural gas or propane or 28/35 sec oil. They make use of 4 pass heat transfer which ensures better thermal efficiencies. In addition, these heaters offer free blowing or ducted distribution of air and they can also produce higher amount of heat so that temperatures in a large area can be maintained at higher levels.

Because these industrial heaters gas have higher thermal efficiencies they also qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance. Finally, when choosing floor standing industrial heaters gas, be sure to check that they can direct heat from the outlets to as many as four different directions.

The Ambirad OFSU oil fired suspended industrial heaters gas works on 28 or 35 sec oil. It also boasts of a high efficiency stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchanger and has high capacity axial fans for optimum distribution of air. After buying these industrial heaters gas, you will be eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowance. These heaters have two way distribution of air which ensures that you can distribute air in opposite directions.


If you are looking to purchase such industrial heaters gas, you will want to check out a company called Warmco which is a family run business that was first established in the year 1925. This Manchester based company has designed and also manufactured excellent heaters and has been supplying a wide range of heaters to various industries.

The company offers nationwide services and has installed industrial heaters gas and other heaters in places as diverse as Leeds and the Yorkshire region, Newcastle and the North East, Manchester and Lancashire, Liverpool and Merseyside, Birmingham and the West Midlands as well as London and the South East.

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