Industrial Heaters

Infrared Industrial Heaters

It is well known that more and more industrial establishments are relying on infrared heating to keep their facilities warm. This is because infrared industrial heaters offer the most energy efficient heating solutions for a number of industrial processes. There are different kinds of infrared industrial heaters that one can pick and choose from. Various kinds of infrared industrial heaters are available that will work with virtually all the different kinds of industrial manufacturing processes involving heating.

Industrial heaters – off-the-shelf products

It is possible to purchase infrared industrial heaters as off-the-shelf products or you can choose to get them customized to suit your particular needs. In fact, customized infrared industrial heaters are a better option as they will prove to be much more cost-efficient and they will have been designed to suit your needs perfectly.


Various options

In respect of infrared industrial heaters, there are various types that you can choose from. There are medium wave, shortwave, low density shortwave, infrared muffle and tailor-made infrared industrial heaters to choose from.

Radiant heating

Infrared heating or radiant heating is known for being very simple and energy efficient as well as flexible. These heaters are heated directly by the energy that is radiated from high temperature emitters and this translates into the fact that these heaters can work efficiently without needing to heat up any large amount of air.

Medium wave

Medium wave infrared industrial heaters can be used for drying/curing of solvent and water based coatings and for drying textiles as well as for curing powder coating, and much more.


Shortwave infrared heaters work simply and with utmost energy efficiency and these heaters are also very flexible. Some of the benefits of using such heaters include rapidity of heating, reduction in energy costs, greater energy efficiency as well as better throughput.

Low density shortwave infrared industrial heaters are also very simple and energy efficient and they are also very flexible. These heaters are known for their versatility and they can be used for various applications and are particularly effective when used where there is need for gentler radiant heating such as is required for the drying of tee shirts and for preheating of components.

There are also linear infrared industrial heaters that provide a number of benefits. In fact, these industrial infrared muffle heaters and linear heaters are very quick in heating up spaces. The high density of wattage of the heater ensures that these heaters are able to heat within just one second. Such heaters can be customized to suit different applications. In fact, the infrared elements in the heater can be designed in such a manner that they will suit a particular application perfectly.

Infrared muffle heaters are the perfect solution for applications that require very high temperatures and where it is also very necessary to heat up things in a very, very short span of time.

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