Industrial Heaters

Portable Industrial Heaters

There are many different types of portable industrial heaters to choose from. These heaters will send blasts of hot air and will instantaneously warm up a room but are especially useful for warming up small spaces as well as localized areas. Radiant portable industrial heaters are especially beneficial as they provide heat that is of an infrared variety and so, they are perfect for heating up localized spaces in a large sized room as well as are perfect for heating up a large sized and airy warehouse.

Industrial heaters – lower outlet temperatures

Portable industrial heaters generally have lower outlet temperatures but at the same time are equipped with powerful fans that help in circulating vast amounts of hot air which is produced by the portable industrial heaters. These heaters allow you to take the heat with you to anyplace that needs to be warmed up. They also offer maximum convenience and are economical to run as well as are elegant looking.

Efficient and quick heating

Portable industrial heaters are able to provide efficient and quick heating are available in numerous types including catalytic heaters. These portable industrial heaters create convection currents of heat that can easily heat up a localized space. These heaters are compact in design and do not take up much space and so are perfect for use in workshops and garages as well as offices. They retail for about 130 pounds sterling and are good value products.

Blackspur Kingavon 2Kw portable industrial heaters

Blackspur Kingavon 2KW 2000 watt portable industrial cylinder fan heaters are available for about 55 pounds sterling. These portable industrial heaters feature three heat settings, adjustable thermostat, carry handles, overheat thermostats and measure 20 x 21 x 30 centimeters. The price includes VAT and the product is backed by a twelve month guarantee.

Broughton Blue Giant FF13 400V 3 Phase 32a 13KW

The Broughton Blue Giant FF13 400V 3 Phase 32a 13KW portable industrial heaters retail for about 319 pounds sterling and are portable industrial heaters that are designed to perform in and also withstand the harshest conditions. They are perfect solutions for those applications in which there is need for large scale heat delivery in a very rapid manner.

These portable industrial heaters feature large heat output, whisper quiet operations, 13Kw heat output and weigh about 18 kilograms. They measure 38x 300 x 450 millimeters. Prices include VAT and the product is backed by a 2 year guarantee.

Camilla Radiant

The Camilla Radiant portable industrial heaters are also good options. These infrared portable industrial heaters offer 4.2KW heat and are equipped with three heat settings. They also work with Piezo ignition and have good oxygen depletion systems. they are also equipped with Flame Failure Devices and measure just 810 x 470 x 365 millimeters and weigh a mere 13.5 kilograms. These items retail for about 120 pounds sterling and VAT is included in this price.

When choosing your portable industrial heaters, you have a choice between fan heaters and convector heaters. Each offers unique benefits and so it is a good idea to check how they measure up against your requirements. Once you have found a suitable product you can then think about buying it from places such as

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